You can be part of the SpareSpot network without using any of your Money!


You may qualify to have SpareSpot place a 3 storage unit on your property FREE of Charge.

In order to have a SpareSpot on your property, you will need to have a flat space accessible to the public that can accommodate a footprint of 13’ x 7’.

If you qualify for a FREE SpareSpot during our BETA testing, SpareSpot will share the revenue with you 50% / 50%.

Once the BETA testing is over, a FREE SpareSpot will revenue Share 65% SpareSpot, 35% property owner.

To qualify for a FREE SpareSpot, you will need to commit to having a SpareSpot on your property for a minimum of 12 months.


Purchase The SpareSpot Network

You can purchase a 3 Storage Unit SpareSpot and be part of the SpareSpot Network, where your SpareSpot will be listed on our website and attract consumers in your neighbourhood that are keen to rent space but don’t want to travel to a Self Storage facility out of the neighborhood. This unit is $2999 or we can finance 20 payments of $159.

Your SpareSpot will be part of the SpareSpot Network, where people can book their storage online for either a day, week or month. All transactions, codes for locks and maintenance of the SpareSpot is handled by SpareSpot. For this, SpareSpot charges a User Fee of 20% of the rental booking.