Here are some Frequently Asked Questions from SpareSpot

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Q. Why Can’t I book my SpareSpot online right now?

A. This is a brand new concept and the model is just being tested. Many aspects of the process may change based on your feedback. That’s why you have to phone in to book your SpareSpot during our BETA test period.

Q. What happens if I don’t get my stuff out in time?

A. You will have to call us at 1 855 583 2011 and we will issue you a one time code to get your stuff out. You will be charged for each additional day that you store your stuff at our daily rate of $19 /day. If the SpareSpot that you are using has been booked by another customer, we will remove your contents within 24 hours of the end of your rental. You will be charged $19 plus a $59 removal fee that will have to be paid before we release your property. If you haven’t claimed your property in 30 days, we have the right to dispose of your property or sell it at auction.

Q. How secure is my stuff stored in a SpareSpot?

A. Each SpareSpot unit is made of heavy gauge sheet steel. The units have been designed to withstand tampering. SpareSpot is the most secure storage shed on the market today.

Q. How do I Get a SpareSpot on my Property?

A. Give us a call at 1 855 583 2011 or send us an email to sales@sparespotstorage.com. We will be happy to discuss your needs.

Q. Is SpareSpot going to be available in other cities?

A. Yes. After we finish our BETA testing we will be opening up franchise opportunities in all major North American urban centres.

Q. Does my tenants insurance cover the contents of my SpareSpot?

A. Call your insurance broker for more information. Some policies already include your items in storage. Other companies may charge a minimal amount to add this to your existing tenants policy.